english_into_the_forest - 森は海の恋人

The forest is longing for the sea,
the sea is longing for the forest.

Step into the forest

“Let's Go into the Woods” is a small-scale forest-creating program planned by the NPO “Mori-Umi”, or “The Forest is Longing for the Sea”.

would you like to join us in growing a forest?

Let's sit in the midst of nature width a cup of coffee in our hands, and listen to stories about the forest. New knowledge may help you notice things that you were not able to see before.

In April 2020, we are planning to start a new program in the Moune District of Kesennuma City in Miyagi, Japan.

Through caring for the forest, we aim to create a filed site for enviromental education where people can directly ezperience the link from the forest to the sea, and to preserve the whole ecosystem of the riverside region.

The Woods and the Ocean of Moune


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