Environmental Awareness Raising Project (1)

Catching your eyes with beautiful inactive volcano landscape covered with significant variety of tropical forests in Mountain foot, and with pastoral sugarcane field views widely spread ahead in front of you , ‘’This Place’’ still bring something in your heart, which wouldn’t be if your are in either in the Capitol of Manila or Tokyo.



In here, Silay City, the ancient old capital of Negros, our new project entitled ‘’Environmental Awareness Raising Project for the Symbiosis among Forest, Human and the Ocean’’ under the scheme of Technical Cooperation for Grassroots Project of JICA, launched earlier January 2014.


The scope of the project is to enhance Filipino’s awareness for nature, also provide an opportunity to know in practical, educationally and scientifically how significant the human activity link with natural environment. To achieve these objectives, we set the following four activities;

1)    Environmental Survey
2)    Training in Japan
3)    Establishment of Environmental Curriculum
4)    Dissemination of Project Outcomes (symposium and workshop)

These activities are mutually functioning to develop the capacity of the target beneficiaries in playing a central role in raising awareness on their environment. Unusually, environmental education would be concluded itself without either scientific support or teaching faculty. Scientific research also wouldn’t be effective in perfect unless it works in education, and vise-versa. However, the first and foremost we have to figure out environmental conditions of target area through survey. Those survey outcomes would help trained the human resources or established environmental education curriculums subsequently.

To ensure surveys to be implemented effectively, we have started the discussion with the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod, one of the leading academic bodies in environmental science for survey collaboration in upcoming June.


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